Avdex AMS Conversion

This page assists with the uploading of dBase AMS to Web based AMS. This is configured to be uploaded from AMPHost where the conversion program is installed. The conversion program can however be installed on any PC with the AMS data.

Getting started

Upload all *.dbf, *.ntx and *.ftp files from the dBase directory via ftp to the coversion directoy. The FTP Login is ftp.amphost.co.za:8021, username: WebUser, password: W@b@s@r and the upload directory is in /AMSdBase

Register ClientID

The next step is to add the ClientID into the Web AMS data directory, with references to the relevant SQL server.

Edit Database Structure

Upload Data

Uploads the data from the dBase files to the server, by connecting with the AMS Conversion exe. Available from Remote Desktop access to AMPHost.

Upload the Data

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